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 Rechtsanwalt Bonn Dr. Palm


This site represents the german law office

Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Palm

located in Bonn-City/Germany near Cologne



First of all, we share a strong commitment to client service. We believe our emphasis on accessibility, judicious use of resources and creative solutions to legal problems has served our clients well.


The convergence of computers, communications and media has created numerous opportunities for everyone and as a result complex legal issues have emerged, necessitating a broad range of sophisticated legal representation. Our practice covers a wide range of communications matters, especially the internet. 

Our practice in this area is extending, and includes advising individual and corporate clients regarding trademarks, copyrights, domains, assisting in negotiations and procuring proprietary rights in all forms of intellectual property.


We represent people from all over the world. We are defending our clients`interests in nearly all parts of Germany according to several cooperations with other lawyers and law firms. We encourage you to visit the site as often as you like to keep up with the latest developments at our office.



         Monument to the local hero

       Bonn 1845


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Special: Niederlassungserlaubnis for IT-Specialists

What We Can Do For You : We can process any residence permit application or petition, whether on behalf of the company or the self-petitioning individual. We carefully analyze your case and make recommendations on the most appropriate process for you or your company to pursue. We then assist with preparing documents and letters, continuing the case through the adjustment of status or consular processing stage, until the principal applicant and family members receive the green card!

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This site is yet mainly not translated into the english language but we are working on it. Apart from this our staff members will communicate with you in your language.



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